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If you know anything about magic, you know that the best tricks are the ones that are the most simple to perform.
Levitation relies on pulleys, floating dollars need thread, and the disappearing coin depends on hidden pockets; all of the most remarkable tricks have the most “obvious” explanations.
Similarly, the best methods for managing projects are simple and intuitive. They help you capture ideas and do something with them—no more, no less.
This simple efficiency keeps you engaged and on task with as little effort as possible.


The personal blog was at the forefront of the blogging revolution. As the technology has matured so has the blog. Now it has become a platform for authors, artists, scholars, and politicians to express their views and expertise.

Gallery and artist site

Photographers, painters, film-makers, sculptures, musicians, designers of jewelry, fashion, and furniture are among our favorite clients.  In many cases a music player, full-screen video or a grid and list based portfolio or video gallery is what is needed to offer maximum visual impact.

Company and eCommerce site

A company site is meant to reach customers and encourage closer relationship, sales, and referrals. Visitors need specific information about products and services, and perhaps opportunity to post a comment to a relevant blog by the corporation

Campaign and activist site

Organizations, political groups and visionaries who want to make a difference in the world need an effective online presentation to reach their goals and get their message across.  The information needs to be structured for clarity and winning people over to understanding and campaigning for the cause or candidate.

Nordic Wolf’s marketing and design team will make recommendations based on the newest development and best web design techniques available to accomplish your goals. We make sure your site embraces social media sharing and gets optimal placement in search engines. We make sure your site embraces social media sharing and gets optimal placement in search engines.

Our Theme Collection

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