Webdesign for you

Whether you need an article database, a corporate web site, an online store, art gallery, a photo gallery, or a platform to promote your political views, philosophy, financial services, academic work or other intellectual output, Nordic Wolf has a suitable solution for you.

Website builder platform

The WordPress content management system we install is easy to operate and no technical skills are needed to add new content. We tailor the system to your needs.

Social media

To reach more readers, customers, or supporters it is important to take advantage of various social media networks and applications. We connect them to your website.

Resonsive design

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes, whether on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Maximize visitors

We implement Search Engine Optimization in order to maximize the number of visitors to your website by ensuring it appears high on the list of results returned by Google search engine.

The web is the future

The Internet is the library of the future! Whether you’re a poet, artist, filmmaker, politician, university teacher, writer or scientist you can’t be sure that future generations, even your grandchildren, will see your work unless it is stored online.


Are you responsive?

Responsive web design is a flexible, liquid layout that adapts to fit various screen sizes, resolutions and devices. It allows websites to automatically change layouts according to the visitor’s screen resolution, whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, creating a user-friendly interface when visitors browse websites.

If you’re viewing this on a desktop browser, you can test responsive design in action. Try making your browser window smaller and you’ll notice the images and content column shrink to fit your screen.

Mobile currently accounts for half of all global web pages served. In 2018, 52.2 % of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. The percentage of web users who have used their smartphones to:

  • Read articles or news items 89% 89%
  • Buy tickets to events 76% 76%
  • Book hotel rooms 74% 74%

Benefits and features

of all websites we design. You don’t have to look any further. We provide domain, hosting, web design, security backup, web store, search engine optimization, text editing, proofreading, chat rooms, social media sharing, video insertion and your own webmaster if you like.

Is your website up to date?

It is important to consider your online presence and sometimes you need to update your website

Image gallery

Images are compelling, either as standalone images or in a nice gallery to illustrate a point you are making. Presenting images well on your site can instantly give it a professional appearance that sets it apart.

Video and audio

Adding embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos to your site, animated infographics or an audio player to deliver podcasts will keep your readers engaged; and is a powerful way to convey your service, aspirations and ideas.

Glæsilegt vefútlit
Kostir og eiginleikar

Email newsletters

Nordic Wolf helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use and track your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform. Email newsletters are a simple and cost-effective way to generate revenue.

Email lists

Email campaigns are a powerful marketing tool. We’ll help you collect email addresses and customize a signup form we will add to your site and Facebook page. Placing a pop-up form on your site and an increasing email list is a key factor in online marketing.


We ensure your website is easy and enjoyable to read. A substantial number of people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones. It is therefore important that your website adapts fully to the small screens of smartphone and tablet users.

Visual design

We design for a ‘wow-experience’ that elicits a pleasant surprise. We do that however within the framework of eye tracking research and tailor the visual design to your needs, whether it’s an academic site, a photo gallery or an online store.

Fenrisúlfur: Spurt & svarað


A forum is an online discussion site where people hold conversations. Our forum is fully scalable whether the membership numbers in the tens or the thousands. Through its flexible permissions system, it is suitable for both private and public forums.

Your webmaster

For a small monthly fee we can provide you with your own personal webmaster that is responsible for content management. The webmaster will maintain add new content; e.g. articles and pictures to your website on a regular basis.

Web hosting

We provide web hosting services that include unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and a free domain name for the first year. We utilize the latest technology to ensure maximum uptime and website speed.


We will not only provide you with a domain if needed but also help you in selecting a great domain name. It should be as short as possible, unique, and easy to type, easy to remember and set yourself apart with your brand and particular service.

Other web solutions we offer

Blogg og fréttaveita
Markaðssetning á netinu

Academic sites

We specialize in web design for authors and scholars with text-heavy content. By adding a fluid and interactive blog to your website you can publish essays or academic articles on various topics, ranging from social issues to philosophy and neuroscience.


We provide an elegant storefront for those looking to sell products online. Our webshop solution is easy to configure and offers integration options with some of the most popular payment gateways. Take your website from static brochure to interactive online shop!

Internet marketing

We manage Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. We primarily use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords as they generate the most cost-effective results. We are a certified Google Adwords Professional. These programs can provide you with additional traffic literally within hours.

Newsletter and Email Campaigns

Digital newsletters are one of the most overlooked yet one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to dramatically increase the leads to your website or business.

HTML Fréttabréf - Fenrisúlfur

Email Newsletter

Before designing an Email campaign one has to consider the entire subscription experience. It is required by law that you provide an unsubscribe link. We make sure you only send to recipients who gave you verifiable permission to email them. We handle the entire opt-in process: 1. The subscription (opt-in) form. 2. Thank you landing page. 3. Confirmation link email. 4. Final welcome email. 5. Unsubscribe form. 6. Unsubscribe confirmation landing page, and 7. Unsubscribe “final goodbye” email.

Email Campaigns

We design your emails in such way that they pass through spam filters. Timing is an important success factor in Email campaigns. We ensure your Newsletter is sent on the best hour and day of the week.

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